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painting at the Vineyard hotel
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Art at The Vineyard

Which is why guests at The Vineyard can anticipate a feast for the eyes while enjoying fine wines and exquisite food.

The Spine, by Diane Maclean, which stands elegantly capturing the changing light of day near the entrance to The Vineyard, is a welcoming sign of things to come.

Inside, the walls are home to works by artists such as Henri Martin, Ronald Searle, Boris Smirnoff and Doris Zinkeisen.

In the restaurant, Bucolique by Henri Martin is one of a series of six notable paintings by the artist depicting rural life at a vineyard.

Boris Smirnoff's work is of particular note because there is such a large collection of his work at The Vineyard. Sir Peter's father, a personal friend, purchased the entire studio collection after the artist's death in 1976.

Smirnoff's paintings of nudes are most frequently found in the most intimate spaces of the hotel, within the suites. Some of his portraits of famous people can be found within the public areas of the hotel.

The Michael Collection is as eclectic as The Vineyard's cellar. Something for everyone and never disappointing.

The Michael Collection