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Recipe: Raspberry Clafoutis

Traditionally, a clafoutis is made with cherries, but the summer brings an abundance of fruit – tender apricots, juicy plums, fat cherries and wild blackberries, all warm from the sun begging to be eaten. However my favourite is raspberry! The sweetness of the berries and the zing of the lime zest send your taste buds twirling!

  • Preparation time 35 minutes
  • Cooking time 25 minutes
  • 250 – 280g/9 – 10 oz/2 – 2 ¼  cups firm raspberries
  • Zest of 1 lime
  • 125g/4 ½ oz/ ½ cup caster sugar
  • 50g/2oz butter, half softened and half melted
  • 85g/3oz/ 2/3 cup of plain flour
  • A pinch of salt
  • 1 egg
  • 1 egg yolk
  • 300ml/10 ½ fl oz/ 1 ¼ cups full fat milk

Preheat the oven to 180°C/350°F/gas 4. Put the raspberries, lime zest and 2 tablespoons of the sugar in the bowl. Mix gently, then set aside to macerate for 15 minutes. Meanwhile, grease a 24 x 16 x 6cm/9 ½ x 6 1/4 x 2 ½ in a baking dish or clafoutis dish (an oval earthenware dish) with the softened butter and sprinkle with another 3 tablespoons of sugar. Carefully shake the sugar around the dish to make sure it coats the inside.

Sift the flour and salt into a mixing bowl. In a separate bowl, whisk together the egg, egg yolk and remaining sugar, then slowly add the mixture to the flour and mix until incorporated and smooth. Slowly add the milk, stirring until the batter has the consistency of a crêpe batter, then add the melted butter and mix until combined.

Put the raspberries in the clafoutis dish and mix to release the juices. Pour the batter over the raspberries and bake in the preheated oven for 25 minutes until golden brown and set. A tip of a sharp knife inserted into the centre should come out clean and dry. Remove from the oven and serve.

CHEFS TIP: It is also fun to make this dessert in individual 150l/5fl oz/ 2/3 cup ramekin dishes, just reduce the cooking time to 10-12 minutes.


Daniel Galmiche
Executive Chef at The Vineyard

The Food at The Vineyard

If you haven’t seen already The Vineyard has a new look and feel! The entrance has been totally refurbished and an impressive glass-floored wine vault now takes centre stage! Go through the wine vault to ‘Taste’, an ideal space to enjoy a glass of wine and of course to sample some of my latest dishes. Taste is also home to the magnificent Judgement of Paris painting by artist, Gary Myatt.

I have been working hard to create dishes that are tasty, simple, sustainable and fresh. We have created various menus making the dining experience at The Vineyard a little more flexible, relaxed and enjoyable. This gives diners the opportunity to taste different foods, mix dishes and most importantly taste a variety of wines that The Vineyard offers, which can be matched to your dish by our sommeliers, or wine coaches as we call them.

One of my favourite dishes on the current seasonal menu is line caught pan-roasted turbot, spiced bread, courgette. This would be perfectly paired with a William Selyem, Pinot Noir Ferrington Vineyard, California 1999.

Discover more about my current dishes by visiting our Menus page or book a table and come a try a plate or two!

Daniel Galmiche
Executive Chef
The Vineyard

The Dinner Party

Imagine the scene…you are in the position of needing to impress your boss, mother-in-law, parents etc, and in a moment of madness you suggested a dinner party at your house! Well, I can’t promise that you’ll cook the perfect dinner, or that conversation will flow…but I can give you a “heads-up” on what you should be drinking.

I guess the golden rule is to keep it simple. Start with the aperitif. Sparkling wine is the classic choice here, led by Champagne of course, but don’t be afraid to check out decent New World sparkling wine as well. New Zealand and California spring to mind. Alternatively a good glass of dry white wine is presently in vogue. Look out for Kiwi Sauvignon Blanc or a delicate Macon Villages from Burgundy. Do some nibbles. Cheese straws and salted almonds always work and please, please stay away from highly flavoured crisps. Chilli, mature cheddar, balsamic reduction stuff is never going toleave the palate all evening!

Head to the starter and go fuller bodied or more aromatic with white wine. If there are spices in the dish, try Alsace Pinot Planc or Riesling. More conservative foods would be absolutely fine with New World Chardonnay or maybe South African Chenin Blanc. I find pan-fried scallops matched with Condrieu (Rhone Valley) heaven, if a little ostentatious!

Main course heads two ways with red wine. Softer, more delicate food (fish, poultry) needs Pinot Noir. Preferably Californian, preferably Sonoma Coast, whilst the robust meat courses (beef, venison) cry out for the Bordeaux varietals – Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, or Malbec. Remember that if you like your meat well-done, you can safely drink older wines, whilst if rare beef is your passion, a juicy young and tannic red will hit the spot.

With the dessert course, two choices again. Fruit-based offerings work great with Late-Harvest Muscat or Botrytis Sauvignon Blanc. Chocolate is just amazing with Banyuls, Black Muscat or event Tawny Port.

Follow those ideas and you won’t go far wrong…

James Hocking
Director of Wine
The Vineyard Group

Another Year!

It has been another very busy year both at The Vineyard and working with Panasonic, touring England during 2011.

2011 has been a very interesting year though. My first book came out in September after 18 months of hard work, labour and valuable help from my wife Claire, I did this whilst working full time so the support I received I am most grateful for. Thank you to Panasonic too as we made a version of my book (French Brasserie Cookbook) and adapted nearly half of the recipes for the new microwave combi oven, and I am pleased to say that it has been very well received.

I am very much looking forward to a good 2012 and to start another good year. But first I am having an operation on my ankle through key hole surgery. This was an old painful injure I got whilst playing football with my son Antoine four and half years ago. They finally found out what was wrong so looking forward to getting back to normal.

I would like to say a big thank you to my agent Rosemary from celebritychefs Uk for all her support this year. Of course not forgetting to mention the team at Saturday Kitchen including James Martin, BBC Good Food Show and everyone who helped at the taste shows.

And finally – I kept it for the end. I got married to Claire last July after 7 ½ years together and I am very proud.

Executive Chef
The Vineyard at Stockcross

Thomas Keller’s Pop Up Restaurant

A couple of weeks ago I was very fortunate indeed to have been invited to the launch of Thomas Keller’s pop up restaurant at Harrods. Knowing that he was there for only 10 days, I knew I was very lucky.

I have been at his table before, years ago, with some other very famous Chefs, so I was very excited about it.

We had a lunch representing his trademark dishes made by his team and himself, created using his own imported produce, in a wonderful pop up dining room. Great day overall, not easy when you consider you are performing abroad, but I was not surprised as he is a great professional.

Merci Thomas!

Daniel Galmiche Executive Chef The Vineyard at Stockcross

The French Laundry at Harrods

Working as an assistant sommelier at The Vineyard at Stockcross, it was fantastic news when I learnt that I was going to have the opportunity to work at a pop-up restaurant at Harrods with teams from Michelin star restaurants, The French Laundry and Per Se, both owned by one of the world’s most influential chefs, Thomas Keller.

Starting on 30th September and finishing on 10th October, it was really more than just an experience to work in a pop up restaurant. I think every one of us considered it to be ‘our’proper restaurant, seeing all the preparation it required and learning new ways of service. I very much enjoyed working and sharing the experience with the whole team.

What did I learn from being part of this exciting event? The pride to have participated in this event with fantastic people, to have had the opportunity to taste excellent wines, and to have been a part of the success of the great nine course tasting menu created using local American products.

It was hard work for all of us, but if anyone would have asked if we were ready to continue for a further 11 more days, without any doubt the answer would have been yes!

Romain Bourger
Assistant Sommelier
The Vineyard at Stockcross – http://www.the-vineyard.co.uk/index.asp

Find out more about Per Se in New York – http://www.perseny.com/
Find out  more about The French Laundry in California –http://www.frenchlaundry.com/

Riedel Wine Glasses

We only use Riedel wine glasses at The Vineyard, probably because over the past fifty years, this has become the only real choice for the wine enthusiast, wine expert, or indeed anybody wanting to really enjoy wine in a well-made piece of stemware that really brings out the best in the grape. That’s why I was quite honoured to be part of a team to create a new glass to celebrate the Bacchus grape, grown extensively (and exceptionally well) in England. Our location for this workshop was Camel Valley Vineyards in Cornwall, home of some of England’s best wines and multi-award winners. Camel Valley was founded just over twenty years agoand the feature wine of the tasting was their single vineyard Darnibole Bacchus wine.

The workshop was chaired by Georg Riedel and started with fourteen different glass shapes that had been considered by the Riedel factory. Our teams then whittled the glasses down to seven, followed by three, then down to the final one. The selection was made by pouring the same wine into each stem and assessing colour, aroma, and palate. The best glass expressed Bacchus perfectly – a citrus-fruit, high acid wine with lovely soft notes of peach and other stone fruit. Apart from anything else, this tasting proved that English wine has “come of age” and really competes on an international platform.

And the winning glass? Well, it’s rather unromantic prototype reference is 6416/33 and has a deep, narrow bowl to capture all those aromatics. It’ll be available later this year as “English Bacchus” and you’ll be able to enjoy a nicely chilled glass in our restaurant!

James Hocking
Director of Wine
The Vineyard Group