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What’s an art gallery doing in a hotel anyway?

The Vineyard at Stockcross is well known for its fine wines, exquisite food, tranquil boutique spa and luxurious rooms and suites. Visitors to The Vineyard are pleasantly surprised to learn that the hotel houses a very fine art collection, including sculpture as well as paintings and drawings.

The Vineyard at Stockcross was created by Sir Peter Michael to reflect his own wide ranging interests. Sir Peter is an enthusiastic patron of the Arts, and proactively supports them in the broadest sense of the word. He has a firm belief that music, painting and sculpture enrich the world in which we live.

The art collection itself is diverse in character, meaning that the collection has something for everyone. It is true to say that the sculptures are more abstract in nature than the paintings and drawings, however, the collection sits wonderfully together providing many focal points and points for discussion.

An iconic view of The Vineyard is the front of the hotel where flames seem to dance majestically on a smooth surface of water. This is “Fire and Water” a sculpture created by William Pye. This artwork was commissioned by Sir Peter and has particular significance for him: it represents the traumatic event of a fire at his home during 1986 where Sir Peter remarked how the water used by the fire services caused as much damage as the fire itself. Being told that fire and water do not mix Sir Peter was sure that they could and what is more could work in harmony to create something of beauty. Thus the concept behind Fire and Water was born.

Other artists featured on the walls and grounds of The Vineyard include Boris Smirnoff, Doris Zinkeisen, Diana Maclean and Michael Kenny. Why not take a trip to The Vineyard and enjoy a leisurely wander admiring some fantastic works of art before partaking in an exquisite meal in the restaurant matched with some wonderful wines from our extensive cellars.