New Mavalia make-up range at The Vineyard Spa

mavala style collection

Throughout the world, the name Mavala is synonymous with quality, thanks to the high end performing products. They have just launched a new makeup and beauty range: Mavalia, with many different shades and products to suit everyone. Because of its smoothing, emollient, astringent and refreshing properties, Mavalia uses extracts of the Mallow plant, found in the Swiss Alps, in many of its products.

Make-up prices start from £5.95, and in March with every purchase of Mavalia make up, we’ll treat you to a complimentary khol eyeliner of your choice.

Why not pop into The Vineyard and try out the new Mavalia make-up range, or book in for a make-up lesson, with one of our experienced therapists?
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Helpful make-up tips

If you’re looking to update your make up look, here are two easy ways:

Crayon Khol Pencil 1Apply make up shades and tones that you are comfortable using then add a little ‘oomph’ to your eyes with a new shade of eyeliner, such as blue or green, close to the lower lash line for an updated look.

If the idea of bright lipsticks scares you, (even though you think they will look great), try   applying your everyday choice of colour then layer a red or hot pink on top. You’ll love the result it gives you, and it’s very easy to do at home on yourself.

Nikki Thompson
Assistant Spa Manager