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Vine and Grapes at our Spa

Vine and grapes possess exceptional powers to heal and rejuvenate the body, which inspires our signature wine-themed Red Grape treatments and products. Combined with our treatments and health giving spa, this is a winning combination.

Red Grape

Our Red Grape Beauty Products

The health benefits of wine and grapes have long been mooted. Cultivated on all of the earth’s continents except Antarctica, these little fruits contain many phytonutrients, which often classifies them as a ‘superfood’. Abundant in the raw fruit, much of this goodness including reservatrol has been found to remain throughout the wine making process and as such imparting some of this health giving property to the end product, red wine in particular.

This science inspired our own signature Red Grape beauty products: a body mask, moisturising cream. Made by the Natural Spa Factory, they are fragrant with sun-ripened fruit, a fitting tribute to the hotel’s theme.

We really believe in the healing power of massage both mentally and physically, and we combined our Red Grape products into out signature treatments. One such signature treatment is the 55-minute Red Grape Body Pampering Wrap, continuing the hotel’s wine theme. This starts with soft body brushing to help eliminate toxins from the lymphatic system, followed by a red grape body mask and a tension-releasing head massage. To culminate the experience, a moisturising treatment promotes soft, silky smooth skin.

And if that isn’t enough, the soothing benefits of hydrotherapy is well documented, and our award-winning boutique spa offers this. Fittingly commended ‘Five Bubbles’ – the highest rating – by the prestigious Good Spa Guide the emphasis on exclusivity with its own show-stopping feature in the glass roof. Our guests can stargaze from the elegant surroundings of the luxurious circular heated indoor swimming pool and relax in the warmth and health giving features of the Jacuzzi, sauna and steam room. Bliss!

Get Summer-ready: care for your face

The summer sun is a true tonic but caring for our face is often low down on our priority list. Our head therapist Kirsty Hughes reveals the best ways to care for your face and protect for a lifetime of beautiful complexion.

Get your face ready for Summer

Ready for Summer

A sun-kissed face truly makes everyone feel better and brighter. But a good complexion for the long-term takes a little care and attention, especially when the onslaught of wrinkles and age spots are preventable or can be minimised.

We are now all aware of the effects of sun damage, but even the most cautious of us sometimes forget. Truthfully, protecting your face is the best way to stop premature ageing as damaging UV rays are present even on a cloudy day.

Most foundations and some creams contain an SPF of at least 15 which is sufficient if we will only be having brief exposure to the sun or in winter. When spending most of the day in the sun it is better to use a higher SPF, preferably one formulated for the face. Carry a sunscreen with you so you are never caught out and burn.

As much as everyone likes a tan we really urge that it is better to use a high SPF and use a bronzer to bring colour to your face. While a tan may look good for a few days those wrinkles are going to be around for a lot longer.

Happily, Darphin have just launched Soleil Plaisir available in SPF30 or SPF50 £29. Darphin uses the exotic oils Karanja and Coconut oil combined with Hyaluronic acid and avocado butter to create a melting non-greasy texture in a non–whitening base that cares for your skin.

As the seasons change, so does our skin and products that suited us before no longer seem to. If you feel like your skin doesn’t look or feel like you want it to, please come in and see us as we will be happy to give you some adviceonhow to keep it glowing. A good thing to do is have a facial as this can often be what the skin needs: an intense boost of nourishment and some extra care.

Get your body Summer-ready

With the advent of summery dresses, peep-toe sandals and barbecue invitations that June brings, we all want  our body-best. Our head therapist Kirsty Hughes gives the second of three weekly top tips, designed to help you achieve this.

Get your body ready for Summer

Prime your body for the Summer sun

There’s nothing better than feeling your best both outside and in. It is hard to find time to look after ourselves but truthfully, take action little and often, and it soon becomes really easy – and the benefits will come. Soon, getting your body summer-ready will be a natural part of your routine.

To help combat cellulite and get an even skin-tone, a great tip is to use a body brush on dry skin using long sweeping strokes in the direction of the heart every day. Slip it into your routine and soon it will be second nature.

Exfoliating once to twice a week is also key because exfoliation increases cell renewal and stimulates oil glands. Skin on the body has only 100 oil glands per square centimetre compared to the face which has 300 to 900. This is often the reason why skin on our body often feels drier along with the fact that we are less likely to moisturise our body than our face. Our own Red Grape range is perfect for this, with our Red Grape Body Polish to exfoliate and our Red Grape Body Cream (both £18).

Wrap treatments are great for the skin along with massage which as well as releasing tension, and detoxifying, helps to tone skin and moisturise through the use of oils.Our Red Grape Pampering Body Wrap will improve lymph drainage (£70 for 55 minutes) while The Vineyard Full Body Massage will increase blood flow (£75 for 55minutes) as well as making you feel great.

Get your body Summer-ready

Our experienced head therapist Kirsty Hughes imparts her wisdom and suggests some do-it-yourself treatments to help you get ready for the sunny season. Here is the first of three excerpts from her over the forthcoming three weeks – just in time for the longest day of the year!

Summer Ready

With the shops starting to optimistically display barbecues at this time of year, and the British Summer calendar around the corner (cricket, Henley, Wimbledon, Ascot and Glyndebourne to name a few), the social summer season is almost here. Happily, we can look to wear summer dresses, sandals and pretty shawls. With our feet and skin about to be on show, it’s time to get our body-best for the summer. Here are some top tips to slip into your routine and soon it will be second nature.

Perhaps the least cared-for part of the body over the colder months are the feet. They deserve pampering; after all, they do serve us very well! It is so easy to care for them, too. Just set aside some you-time and follow the tips below.

Pumice stones gently remove hard areas, and nightly moisturising (pop some socks on after to keep the moisture in) helps to soften skin and get rid of any super-dry patches.
Mavala’s Hydro-Repairing Foot Cream (£12) is ideal to resolve dry or cracked skin.

Our toes’ cuticles need attention too, and caring for them straight after a shower or bath is best, because they are soft and can be pushed back easily. For more stubborn cuticles you can use Mavala Cuticle remover (£11).

Summery nail colours on toes really add a touch of glamour. I always apply a base coat to stop colour staining and help the colour apply evenly to your nail. Two coats of colour varnish and then a top coat seals the colour in to extend its life. Reapply every few days to prolong the life of the paint. Sit back and relax as it takes around 45 minutes for the paint to become rock solid.

If all this sound like too much effort then treat yourself to a Deluxe Pedicure (£50 for 55 minutes) and let us do the hard work. Your feet will be exfoliated, nails shaped, cuticle work, massage, a paraffin mask and last of all a paint. Your shoulders also get treated with a heated body wrap to ensure you have a relaxing time.

Top Skin Care Tips

Now approaching autumn/ winter time your skin can feel tired and dry. To feel revitalized, clean and fresh these are my tips to good skin care.

Drink Water

Research has shown that drinking 1.5 litres of water a day can reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Fine lines while being a first sign of ageing can be sped up or appear more prominent in de-hydrated skin. To reduce this apply hydrating products to the skin such as Darphin’s Hydraskin which are designed to give 24hours hydration to the skin Yes, you do need to still drink water as hydrating from the inside is key to hydration. Keeping hydrated can also give you clearer skin, sparkly eyes and aid in weight loss and fatigue.

Get more Sleep

Lack of sleep can make skin look dull and uneven as while we sleep our skin is being repaired and re-newed. Not getting enough sleep means our skin cannot reverse the stresses and strains of the day and this starts to become evident in our eyes first giving us dark circles and puffiness. For those times you can’t get your eight hours sleep try adding a few drops of an essential oil blend such as Darphin’s Aromatic care range underneath your moisturiser. The essential oil helps the skin in flushing out toxins built up during the day and works with your natural oil layer so when you wake-up your skin appears more radiant.


Exfoliating the skin is a must do part of your weekly skincare routine. Exfoliating removes dead surface skin cells to reveal new skin cells. The advantages of this are products absorb into the skin better and skin appears more radiant as the new cells reflect light bringing the life back to skin. Exfoliating is also good for acne, unblocking pores, helping to clear spots and reduce acne scarring. Our therapists favourite is Darhin’s Age-Defying dermabrasion which gives visibly smoother, more radiant skin and helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

Re-cycle your Tea bags

Using tea bags is one home remedy that does have some science to back it up. Black tea contains caffeine which helps to flush out fluids from tissues and so this has an effect to reduce puffy eyes and dark circles. Many eye creams and gels contain caffeine for this reason. To use tea bags, leave them to brew in boiled water for 5 minutes and then take them out and squeeze out any access water, allow them to cool for at least 8minutes before applying to your eyes. For a more cooling affect put in the fridge first. Then just sit back and relax for 15 minutes and it’s as easy as that.

Kirsty Hughes

Spa Manager

Spring is Finally Here!

Treatment at The Vineyard Spa

With Spring finally here, many of us will be making the most of the sun, perfect for topping up your Vitamin D levels but not so great for those of us trying to delay the ageing process.

There are many things you can do to stay looking 10 years younger, below are some of our tips for keeping that youthful look:

  • Always wear an SPF 15 +  especially important on the face even when you are not sunbathing, as anytime you are outside the UV rays will be around, and it is often this everyday exposure which has the greatest impact on ageing.
  • Drink plenty of water to hydrate your skin from the inside out.
  • Wear sunglasses as the skin around the eye is very delicate and all that squinting in the sun will speed up the appearance of fine lines and crows feet.
  • Adopt a good skincare routine which will help the skin to protect, repair and re-new itself. If you need advice on your skincare routine we offer Free Skincare sessions which can be booked by calling 01635 589415
  • Regular facials will help to keep the skin looking radiant and youthful and improve other concerns such as blemishes and sensitivity. Darphin have designed new prescriptive facials for every concern using high potency products and specific facial massage to treat skin. For more information check out www.vineyard/spa_darphin.asp

Kirsty Hughes
Spa Manager