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The California Bar

100 wines to enjoy by the glass

If you’re looking for that relaxed wine bar atmosphere where you can enjoy a few glasses of wine and a bite to eat in stylish surroundings join us in our California Bar.

We have over 800 Californian wines on our award-winning 3,000 bin wine list. Bottles of sunshine to brighten up these dark wintry days, you might say.

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The Short List

For many of us, a list of 3,000 wines could be quite daunting, so we’ve also created The Short List , which has over 100 wines by the glass categorised in easy to follow sections. There’s even a ‘last chances’ section, which, as it implies, is your last chance to try a number of rare great wines by the glass.

Wine Flights

Why not pop in and try one of our wine flights - a superb way to sample a variety of wines in one go? Three 50ml glasses of wine are served together with an explanation of their common theme and differences.

Bubbles Galore - £16

Champagne is associated with celebrations, but can you tell it from English fizz or Napa sparklers?

Light & Crisp - £16

As summer draws to a close, this is a great opportunity for you to taste elegant, fresh and flavourful white wines. These light wines are perfect to refresh your palate.

Italian Insight - £16

A refreshing look at an Old world wine country with both modern and classic grape varieties.

Peter Michael Winery - £20

A perfect way to experience a taste of the red wines from our owners Sonoma Vineyards,
both Pinot Noir and Cabernet based.

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California Bar

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