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Wine Lists at The Vineyard

We eat, sleep and drink it. That's why we want it to be enjoyed by everyone. Even if our wine list seems positively encyclopedic, our sommeliers are known for their warm and friendly approach, whether you're happy with your favourite or on a mission to find The One that matches your mood. It's also why we have over 100 wines to buy and try by the glass. Our award winning wine lists are always a 'work in progress' as we are always looking for new and interesting wines to add to our growing collection

And if you want to do things in a really New World way, choosing your wine before ordering food is a fun way to test our knowledge of food pairing.

Short list- 100 wines by the glass

For those that are looking to try new or rare wines or simply enjoy a glass without having to purchase a bottle, our short list gives you the perfect opportunity to satisfy your curiosity.

View our short list

Long list – 3,000 bottles

Our long lists consist of wines from some of the best and most individual wine growers and producers

View our long list

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