The Parmesan Job

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Get ready for our awe-inspiring flag ship and most exciting team building event based on the well known Italian Job film. This is a once in a lifetime adventure fuelled by our fleet of stunning Minis which, yes, you drive!

Your objective is to complete a customized ‘Italian Job’ style adventure following the trail of clues and completing a range of enthralling challenges which will reward successful teams with information and equipment to aid your mission.

Each team is equipped with a ‘Parmesan’ pack. This briefcase includes a Samsung Galaxy Tab, which will guide you on your hunt. This has built in GPS and our own state of the art software which will set you challenges and task interactively as you make your way along the route. Challenges include breaking into a hidden van and cracking the onboard safe – but you must stay covert; if you’re seen the cover is blown!

Teams will also meet shady characters on route, some may help, some may hinder. They all play parts in a brilliant extreme fun script which runs through the events and finishes in a dramatic climax.

This is a highly memorable event and teams will come away with some fantastic photographs as souvenirs to back up your long lasting memories.