Tom Scade

Executive Chef


Introducing Tom Scade,
artistic engineer

Tom Scade’s food is elegant and clean, each dish a work of art on the plate, prepared and presented with engineer-esque precision. His philosophy focuses on using the finest ingredients, locally sourced where possible, but he isn’t afraid of searching further afield if higher quality ingredients are available elsewhere.

Tom has worked in some of the best kitchens in the UK and trained under John Williams MBE at The Ritz, London, where he was instrumental in maintaining and delivering the highest quality in line with their Michelin star.

He has gone on to win a string of accolades in his own right, including winning the UK finals of the prestigious Le Taittinger Prix Culinaire in 2018 before coming third in the world finals later that year.

At The Vineyard, Tom incorporates a touch of the hotel’s Californian heritage into his menus, mixing wines and olive oil from the Peter Michael Winery into select dishes. He prefers to present his food on a truly blank canvas – using stark white plates that allow the eye to focus solely on the vibrancy of the dish – each course a piece of artwork in a gastronomic gallery.

The components of each dish are deliberately yet delicately placed with geometric attention to detail to create a dining experience that pleases the eye as well as the palate. Lines, shapes and symmetry are all essential to the execution of each dish.

We invite you to browse Tom Scade’s menu for yourself and discover the artistic engineering of his dishes at The Vineyard.