Sustainability at The Vineyard, Berkshire

Our Mission Statement

At The Vineyard we are committed to prioritising environmental sustainability and biodiversity conservation. Our mission is to minimise our ecological footprint and lead by example in implementing sustainable practices across all aspects of our operation, to help achieve a cleaner, safer and healthier world for us and for future generations, reducing our impact on the planet whilst delivering the best customer experience.

Our Sustainability Awards

The Vineyard are proud to have achieved the ECOsmart 2024 Silver Award. In the last two years we have made significant steps to achieving our sustainability goals, including replacing single use plastics and replacing with glass, replacing all light bulbs with LED lighting, educating the team to rethink waste management, working with suppliers on sustainable options and installing EV charges at the property.

Our Journey

At The Vineyard we will continue to focus on sustainability as a priority for the future, with our ultimate goal of net zero emissions. In order to do this we will continue to work with our team, guests and suppliers educating wherever we can and using the best possible resources.

Big journeys start with small steps.

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