Spa treatments

Spa treatments at our Newbury spa hotel

Signature treatments and therapies

Our treatments have been designed to recharge the mind, relax the body, and leave you feeling utterly spoilt. Whether you choose our heavenly head massage, an Elemental Herbology facial or a deluxe pedicure, our experienced therapists ensure each treatment is totally tailored to you.


Hot & Cold Stones Massage

This treatment uses hot basalt stones and cold marble stones to bring relaxing heat and refreshing coolness which encourages the body to detox and heal. This full body massage includes a pressure point face and head massage to ease you into a state of deeper relaxation. Treatment Duration: 90mins £145


Prenatal Full Body Massage

This pre-natal massage eases aches and helps to relax the muscles. It can reduce swelling, improve your mood, and relieve stress. Using the Nurture Body Oil from Elemental Herbology to hydrate your body, and our Tree of Life balm applied on the tummy to improve hydration and protect the skin.  Please note, 14 weeks of …


Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage

Focusing on the targeted muscles, your therapist will use advanced massage techniques to ease away any tensions and strains caused by the daily stress.  Treatment Duration: 30mins £63

Elemental Herbology

Aroma Rejuvenating Facial

Natural yet effective, this facial fights the underlying causes of ageing and damage caused by the environment. The facial begins with a deep cleanse and exfoliation of the face to help regenerate the skin.  Providing both immediate and long lasting results, your skin will benefit from essential anti-oxidants, proteins and fatty acids that help to …

Elemental Herbology

Five Elemental Aroma Facial

Bespoke to each client, our therapists will tailor the treatment to target the underlying concerns of your skin. The facial begins with a deep cleanse, exfoliation followed by a massage to replenish the skin which includes the shoulders, neck, face and head. This facial will give you immediate and long-lasting results. Creating a healthy and …

Men's treatments

Re-Charge Men’s Facial

This facial begins with a deep cleanse, exfoliation followed by a massage which works on the shoulders, neck, face and head. Bespoke to each client this transformational facial combines natural botanicals, vitamins and marine extracts that feed the skin and create a happy equilibrium. Treatment Duration: 60mins £94

Elemental Herbology

Five Aroma Mini Facial

This mini facial includes a cleansing of the face and décolleté followed by our glycolic acid exfoliation from Elemental Herbology. A face mask is applied while a relaxing head massage is carried out to relief stress and tension. Treatment Duration: 30mins £58


Foot Ritual

Using our Fire range from Elemental Herbology, the treatment starts with a gentle exfoliation with our sweet orange and rosemary exfoliant. The foot massage works over reflex points to ease tension and leave your body de-stressed and energised.  Treatment Duration: 30mins £55


Heavenly Head Massage

This massage is ideal for relaxation and for those who suffer from headaches. Focusing on the head, neck and shoulders it helps to release tension and stress.  Treatment Duration: 30mins £55

Hands & Feet

Mini Manucurist Hands

The nail is shaped and the cuticle are pushed to finish with a nail polish application from Manucurist. Treatment Duration: 30mins £50

Hands & Feet

Deluxe Manucurist Hands/Feet

A beauty treatment of the hands or feet. The therapist will analyse the nail and tailor the treatment for your needs, adapting the product for you. Your nails will be cut, filed, and shaped. The cuticles and hard skin are tidied, and a relaxing massage will relieve tensions and leave the skin nourished and hydrated. …