Art at The Vineyard, Berkshire

A lasting impression

In Sir Peter’s collection, there are paintings by two eminent masters of the French Impressionist movement - Degas and Pissarro - and two of the English Impressionist movement - Clausen and Steer. It is interesting to look at their work alongside each other, not only to see individual styles but also to look at the cultural differences and appreciate the cross-fertilisation of ideas.

Landscape and nature

Many of the paintings in this collection depict man at one with the landscape and nature. The title of Henry Martin’s Bucolique rings true for many of the paintings - they encapsulate a sense of nostalgia, a sense of time gone by alongside an appreciation of the timelessness of the natural world and a romantic idyll of rural life. They are an optimistic group of paintings.

“It is the collection of one man, born out of the love of nature, the love of the good life, the love of harmony.”

Grant Ford - Curator and advisor on fine art

Atmospheric light

The other artists add to the flavour of this collection of turn-of-the-century art, contributing atmospheric canvases showing the influence of Impressionist and various Post-Impressionist styles and culminating in the modernism of Henry Moore in the working model for his seminal sculpture, Locking Piece.

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